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  • Supranational European Bodies With NATO Members En.svg

    January Update 2017

          Political literacy will be more important than ever in 2017, as the UK seeks new relationships with the EU 27; as Europe deals with refugees, rickety banks, terrorism, climate change, resurgent Russia and other challenges; Donald Trump takes America (and the world) …

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  • TalkPolitics

    TalkPolitics is a non-partisan campaign group dedicated to challenging the poor image of politics, improving political education, and defending free speech. Founded by Matt Gillow and Carl Sacklen, it has been endorsed by major political figures and aims to do this through conferences, interviews and short, …

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  • Why we need a Commission on Learning for Democracy

    Most people in Britain don’t know how the system works and have almost no opportunities to learn how to have an effective say. People in powerful positions, on the other hand, get a great deal of support to make their voice heard in the intense …

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  • Five paradoxical lessons from David Cameron

    As the party conference season starts and David Cameron fades from political memory it is time to draw lessons from his ten years at the top of the Conservative Party and his swift departure after the Brexit vote. His period in power restored Conservative confidence …

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  • Why can’t you learn practical politics at university?

    Almost every university runs courses in skills and knowledge to compete in the market – accounting, advertising, business studies, marketing and more. Business schools are not afraid to teach people how to “make a difference in the world” through enterprise, to quote Harvard. The best …

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  • Why Brexit empowers Germany

    The Brexit votes creates a whirlwind of uncertainty, yet one thing is clear: it gives Angela Merkel’s Germany extraordinary power to shape the future of Europe, and through it the world. From now on the most important question for British politics is, how will Germany …

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  • Steps to a second referendum

    People voted to ‘take back control’ from the EU, but won’t know what they voted for until the government negotiates a deal with the EU. If EU leaders are wise, they will let Britain vote again on the actual deal. This month’s heavy rain is …

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  • The EU Referendum Paradox

    One paradox of this referendum is that the Leave campaign is mobilizing grassroots activists to send the elite back to the drawing board, not to give power to the people, while the Remain campaign is driven by an elite but could trigger a shift of …

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  • Help – I haven’t a clue about the EU!

    The EU referendum on 23rd June is a huge decision which could dramatically affect the future of everyone in Britain. A proper debate about the issues is needed for people to make an informed decision. Creating opportunities for informed discussion could also change the political …

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  • World Forum for Democracy

    The World Forum on Democracy will focus on how education can bridge the social divide.  It is organised by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg from 7 – 9 November. Find out more here.  The Forum will analyse the impact of education on democracy and …

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