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Bite The Ballot

Scott Craig
Head of Partnerships, Bite the Ballot CIC

Bite the Ballot is an organisation working to re-brand politics to make it appealing to young people, giving them the confidence to share their opinion in the political arena. We want young people to know that their vote counts, that what they have to say matters and should be listened to, and that one person, one vote and one generation really can make a difference.

Rock Enrol
Our ‘Rock Enrol’ programme, launched last autumn, saw us work with twenty schools and colleges to connect the world of politics with everyday life and get across the importance of being registered to vote. The pilot registered over 4000 young people; most of whom didn’t even know that the electoral register existed and the impact it has on their lives.

My Manifesto
Our ‘My manifesto’ campaign successfully brought the views of thousands of young people straight to the heart of parliament. The manifesto placed the youth vote firmly on the agenda. It showed that young people care deeply about their society but are being let down by a system that doesn’t adequately prepare them for life after school.

Our ‘#Db8’ series in Parliament gives young people the opportunity to speak up about the issues which affect their lives, directly to policy makers. Past #Db8s have covered topics from regulation of the media, education, the environment, compulsory voting and tuition fees.

Inspired Impressions
Our ‘Inspired Impressions’ project engaged young people with politics through the medium of art and creativity. We asked young people for artwork depicting what it meant to be British in 2012 and we hosted a week long gallery of the winners art in the Houses of Parliament.

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