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Democracy Matters Action Update April 2014

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This month’s newsletter includes details of our seminar on 1 May, the Parliamentary Inquiry into why people don’t vote (and how to encourage them), SMK’s inspiring People Power conference on 30 April and other events. Do keep us posted about opportunities to learn how to take part in politics.  

Skills and abilities in practical politics

What skills do campaigners need and how can they be learnt? Come and discuss with:

  • Jim Coe, co-author, Good Campaign Guide, NCVO
  • Bev Duckworth, campaigns consultant, formerly Campaigns Director at ActionAid and Head of Campaigns at WDM
  • Participants in Who Runs This Place project

Free seminar on 1 May from 5.30 pm at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, room: 731, organised by Democracy Matters and the International Centre for Education & Democratic Citizenship (ICEDC).

Please book in advance here

Commons Select Committee in voter engagement

The Political and Constitutional Reform Committee is investigating why so people choose not to vote or get involved in formal politics. They will accept written evidence until 1 May 2014 on two sets of questions:

  • The reasons for and impact of low voter engagement
  • Improving voter turnout

For details and evidence submitted go here

Next hearing 10am 3 April with Michael Sani of Bite the Ballot & others.

Tweeting about this inquiry: #voterengagement

This is a great day to learn from leading campaigners and be inspired. Discuss the successes and failures of #FreeTheArctic30, Bee Cause, IF, Project Wild Thing and the lobbying bill in workshops. Speakers include Shami Chakrabarti, Peter Tatchell and Betty Makoni.  For more information click People Power 2014

ECF 2014: Oxford – 10-11 April

ECF 2014 is a global gathering of campaigners, fundraisers and communicators using digital media for social change. Digital is now essential for campaigns, whether using mobile, online petitions or data. For more information, click ECF 2014

Alliance for Lobbying Transparency

Support the petition to stop secret corporate lobbying to regulate the UK’s £2 billion commercial lobbying industry.

Magna Carta 800the Anniversary

Egham Museum constitutional convention on 25 April will get 100 people to draft a new Magna Carta for the UK at Runnymede. The Museum wants schools, clubs and young people to submit their own digital conventions so that the new charter can be created. Contact:

In the budget the Chancellor announced funding for the Magna Carta Trust’s impressive range of activities: sign up for their newsletter here.

Teaching Citizenship in schools

The Association for Citizenship Teaching is running one day courses on ‘Assessing Citizenship’ on:

  • 15 May 2014 in Birmingham
  • 4 June 2014 in London

For details and to book visit ACT Events Book early as places are limited.

The annual ACT Conference and AGM will be on Tuesday 1 July 2014.

Please pass on this information to your networks, acknowledging Democracy Matters, and let me know what you’re doing.

Best wishes,

Titus Alexander

Democracy Matters

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