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Democracy Matters is not only an alliance for civil society organisations, it’s a community too!

Through our online community you will be able to connect with other like-minded people and strengthen our commitment to a better future through participation in practical politics.

After you have registered you will be able to participate or start new topics in forums, exchange messages with other community members, comment on our pages and posts, post your events, tell us about your campaigns and more. The amount of involvement is up to you!

Democracy Matters guarantees that none of your details (name, email) will be used by either us or our alliance members or third parties to constantly bombard you with junk emails. For that reason we have kept the signing up to our newsletter a separate process. (If you would like to receive our newsletter please fill in the form in the footer section.)

If you:

  • Want to participate towards a more inclusive society
  • Agree with us that people need to be able to develop their confidence, skills and voice in order to be effective citizens and take part in democratic processes at all levels
  • Share our vision of promoting practical political education and participation, particularly among people with least power in society, to create a more inclusive and effective democracy

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If your organisation is interested in joining the Democracy Matters Alliance please click here

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