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Green Party supports political literacy as basic skill

Caroline Lucas, Green Party Co-Leader, was the only political leader who responded to our letter asking what they will do to make democracy work for everyone, and the only party with a commitment to non-biased political education and promoting active citizenship in their manifesto:

I very much agree that political literacy is a basic skill for active participation in a democratic society, and that we need to do much more to encourage and support political engagement and participation among younger people. As you may have seen by now, one of the educational policy pledges in our 2017 manifesto, our Green Guarantee, is to “enable every young person to take an active role in democracy, introducing non-biased political education and promoting active citizenship, as well as lowering the voting age to 16.” And, if re-elected as the MP for Brighton Pavilion tomorrow, I will certainly be happy to work with you and others towards making this a reality during the next Parliament.

 I hope that is helpful, and apologies again for the last-minute response.

 With best wishes,


 Caroline Lucas

Green Party Co-Leader

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Brighton Pavilion


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