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Help choose a world leader

Next year the United Nations will appoint a new General Secretary to take over from Ban Ki Moon. The public and most countries of the world will have no say in who leads the world’s forum. The appointment is a closed process dominated by the five permanent members of the Security Council.

The British Government will have more say than 187 other states combined, including India with a population over one billion people.

British citizens can therefore persuade the Government to make the process as open and inclusive as possible. The United Nations Association (UNA) and other organisations are leading a campaign to find the best leader, called 1 for 7 Billion. This gives people a chance to say what the priorities the General Secretary should have, what kind of person should be chosen and what qualities th1 for 7 billion logoey should have.

The more people who take the survey and sign up to the campaign, the more likely we will kind a world leader who can speak for the world’s people, not just its five most powerful countries.

To have your say, support the campaign and do the survey here.

UNA are encouraging people to do the survey, use social media and organise meetings to raise awareness and influence the government: click here to download the Campaigner’s toolkit

To find our more about possible candidates click candidates.

UNA aims to organising public meetings with candidates, at least one of which is likely to be in London, so sign up now to stay informed.choose UN Leader-elders

Watch the campaign video


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