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Project Generic2

Membership Development

Timescale: Ongoing

Purpose: keep members informed and involved

Maintain links with one or more DM members to:

  • help them promote relevant events to other DM members and beyond
  • know their involvement in learning for empowerment / practical politics
  • see how DM can add value to their work (& what they want from DM)
  • know what support they can give more, eg by hosting volunteers
  • support them taking a lead on any projects or forums
  • Clean up & maintain membership database

Focus on groups of current or potential members, such as:

  • post-school learning providers,
  • Take Part network members
  • community organisations
  • organisations which work with marginalised roups, such as homeless, ex-offenders, people with disabilities, etc
  • student unions, politics departments, think tanks
  • campaigning charities
  • international development organisations
  • convert subscriptions into supporters / members


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