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Nigel Farage supports teaching democracy in schools

Nigel Farage says “it is essential that democracy and politics are taught in school especially when a number of politicians are advocating votes for 16 year olds.” Mr Farage is the first of seven party leaders to respond to Democracy Matters about restoring trust in politics and education for democracy.

UKIP’s manifesto commitments on democracy and the constitution also include measures to

–overcome the unfairness of MPs from devolved nations voting on English-only issues.

–recall MPs as was originally promised in the Coalition Agreement, whereby 20% of the electorate in a constituency must sign a recall petition within eight weeks. The approval of MPs will not be required to initiate a recall petition.

–introduce the Citizens’ Initiative to allow the public to initiate national referendums on issues of major public interest.

– leave the European Union because one thing it is not is not democratic

To read Mr Farage’s letter please click here. The manifesto “Policies for People” is on the UKIP web site.

We look forward to hearing from the six other party leaders.

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