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Organise Events and Open Forums

Timescale: Ongoing

Purpose: opportunities for members to meet, discuss, network;focus on a current issue for practical political education; highlight events in the Democracy Diary.

Run monthly discussions in Houses of Parliament or elsewhere on learning for democracy, including Constitutional Convention and any other item on this list, linked with membership development.

Possible topics:

  • Anniversaries of WW1 in 2014
  • Suffragettes and women winning the vote in 2018
  • Raising funds for campaigning & practical politics, with Institute for Fundraising & Trust for London
  • House of Lords reform and civil society
  • Democratic deficit in Health and Well-Being Boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Democratic deficit in academies & free schools: (Coop College)
  • Democracy and the City, perhaps for early 2013
  • Bill of Rights
  • Localism / local democracy week
  • Local Economic Partnerships, with new economics foundation?

Enable homeless and other groups have a voice in the debate about a Constitutional Convention and other issues.

October 2013 Local Democracy Week.

15 Sept 2013 International Democracy Day

Magna Carta / De Montfort Parliament anniversaries & Visions for a new Magna Carta

Titus Alexander


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