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Plaid Cymru support for Democracy Matters

Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru, responded to Democracy Matters to say that “Restoring trust and participation in politics is something that I am very keen to progress as Plaid Cymru Leader so I support your campaign.


“Plaid Cymru is the only political party in the UK that has launched a crowd-sourcing policy platform which we have called Million Ideas. This is to give the people of Wales more ownership in the Plaid Cymru Programme of Government for 2016. As I said during the launch of this idea, we want to develop Wales in an inclusive way that involves more and more people to demonstrate that politics is not a closed shop – at least not from our perspective. This runs parallel with our million conversations initiative which aims to get around that many people to discuss politics and also debunk many of the stereotypes that surround politics as a result of some bad apples at Westminster. Politics really does matter and I share your concerns about how dangerous it can be if a significant number of people believe otherwise.

“As for promoting learning for democracy, I would like to see Wales mirror what has been achieved in Scotland where a democratic revolution took place during the referendum debate. They achieved levels of participation that are the envy of the UK and I would like to see this happen here in Wales. I think integral to galvanising young people to participate there is the policy to provide political education to all Scottish school pupils. Over the past year we have worked closely with Bite the Ballot to increase awareness about voter registration.”

The top proposal in the Million Ideas by a long way was to “provide all students with a thorough education on politics” which was supported by 240 people.

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan campaign for practical political education and we welcome support from all political parties. We wrote to the seven main party leaders before the election and got support from all but the Liberal Democrats, who did not reply.


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