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Political education tops the poll in Plaid Cymru policy crowd source

Plaid Cymru’s Million Ideas crowd sourcing platform attracted over 200 proposals in English and Welsh, on which anyone could vote. If political parties are smart, they will all use crowd sourcing platforms to develop relationships with voters and write their manifestos with people, not just for them.

The top proposal by a long way was to “provide all students with a thorough education on politics” which was supported by 240 people. The proposer wrote “Is it only the people who are educated on politics who vote? No, which means there are thousands upon thousands of people not understanding what their government is about, how it is run, and what different policies mean.”

The next four top proposals were:

Land Reform legislation for Wales, to enshrine public rights with responsibilities, to access land and water for sustainable recreation. 140 votes

Create a national ‘Land Bank’ to promote the sustainable resettlement of the countryside and the rebuilding of the rural economy 140 votes

Legalise cannabis in Wales (if and when we get a separate legal system) 120 votes

A peer support network for Mums of babies with CMPA and reflux. 93 votes

The number of people contributing in Welsh was much smaller. The top proposal got 36 votes, for “All children should receive education through the medium of Welsh”.

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