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SNP seeks to repair UK’s “broken political system”

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon replied to Democracy Matters about restoring trust and participation in politics, setting out her commitments to political reform:

  • Being open, accessible and close to all the people
  • Holding Cabinet meetings outside Edinburgh every two months
  • Supporting the power of recall for MPs by voters
  • Single Transferable Voting system of proportional representation
  • Fully elected second chamber replacing the House of Lords
  • Votes at 16 for UK and EU elections

“The SNP believe that this election gives us a rare opportunity to begin to repair what is an increasingly broken political system in the UK”.

The letter also refers to citizenship education in Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, which “allows learners to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective and confident citizens both now and in the future.” Education for citizenship in Scotland provides learners with opportunities to develop “understanding of fairness and justice, equips them with skills of critical evaluation and encourages the expression of attitudes and beliefs to respond to the challenges we face as global citizens in a constructive and positive manner.” Issues addressed include human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution, social equality and appreciation of diversity, with a whole school approach to global education. “Learner voice is a crucial element of education for citizenship” for children and young people to exercise their rights and responsibilities within an educational setting.

Read the full letter here.

On democracy the SNP manifesto also says “We need to make clear to those who wield power that they do so only with the consent of the people. Almost every aspect of the system needs an overhaul.” It supports strict rules on lobbying but “campaigning charities should be allowed straightforward access and restrictions on their activities as ‘non-party campaigners’ should be removed.” It calls for 50:50 representation of women on boards, employee representation on company boards, greater transparency and accountability of land ownership and “more extensive devolution of welfare, wages, taxation and the economy.” It says “Scotland should have the opportunity to establish its own constitutional framework, including human rights, equalities and the place of local government.” It opposes withdrawal from Europe and wants the Scottish Parliament to be able “directly represent its interests on devolved matters in the EU and internationally.”

We have written to the main party leaders and have not yet heard from David Cameron, Nick or Leanne Wood.

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