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  • Supranational European Bodies With NATO Members En.svg

    January Update 2017

          Political literacy will be more important than ever in 2017, as the UK seeks new relationships with the EU 27; as Europe deals with refugees, rickety banks, terrorism, climate change, resurgent Russia and other challenges; Donald Trump takes America (and the world) …

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  • Help – I haven’t a clue about the EU!

    The EU referendum on 23rd June is a huge decision which could dramatically affect the future of everyone in Britain. A proper debate about the issues is needed for people to make an informed decision. Creating opportunities for informed discussion could also change the political …

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  • From Our Practical Politics Blog

    Why we need learning for democracy

    Politics today is like elite sports in which a few teams have the best facilities and the winner takes all, while public participation plummets through lack of facilities, training and support. The game on the pitch is decided by men with money who hire top …

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  • Educational Centres Association

    Educational Centres Association

    Partners in Lifelong Learning

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    Working for more and different adult learners

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  • Workers Educational Association

    Workers’ Educational Association

    Learning for Life

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  • From Our Practical Politics Blog

    Adut Education should take the lead on learning for local democracy

    On Tuesday 16th October Chair: David Hughes, CEO of NIACE, chaired a discussion on learning for local democracy in the Macmillan Room, Portcullis House, Westminster. The event aimed to share current practice and explore how learning could support local democracy. David Blunkett MP contextualised the …

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