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  • Democracy Matters Update July 2017: Vol. 8.5

    Contents: That is the way ahead for communities in London? London Voluntary Sector Forum (LVSF) Learning & teaching about the politics of Brexit Millennial’s Brexit Watch What are your ideas for the Party Conferences? Global Youth Video Competition on Climate Change TalkPolitics campaign for an …

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  • Learning & teaching about Brexit

    Brexit is a massive political change process. Over the next few years Parliament will make numerous decisions that change the future of Britain . What happens depends on who has a say in the process. Most industries and major interest groups employ analysts and lobbyists …

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  • Supranational European Bodies With NATO Members En.svg

    January Update 2017

          Political literacy will be more important than ever in 2017, as the UK seeks new relationships with the EU 27; as Europe deals with refugees, rickety banks, terrorism, climate change, resurgent Russia and other challenges; Donald Trump takes America (and the world) …

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  • Why Brexit empowers Germany

    The Brexit votes creates a whirlwind of uncertainty, yet one thing is clear: it gives Angela Merkel’s Germany extraordinary power to shape the future of Europe, and through it the world. From now on the most important question for British politics is, how will Germany …

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