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  • From Our Practical Politics Blog

    Learning for Democracy: our call for political renewal

    We call on all political parties and civic leaders to Make it easier for people to take part in politics Support learning for democracy through practical political education Bring decision-making closer to people so that democratic politics is more accessible, inclusive and better at giving …

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  • Involve


    Making participation count

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  • Participatory Budgeting Unit

    Participatory Budgeting Unit

    Making People Count

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  • Btb Mcb2

    Bite The Ballot

    Scott Craig
    Head of Partnerships, Bite the Ballot CIC

    Bite the Ballot is an organisation working to re-brand politics to make it appealing to young people, giving them the confidence to share their opinion in the political arena. We want young people to know that their vote counts, that what they have to say matters and should be listened to, and that one person, one vote and one generation really can make a difference.

    Rock Enrol
    Our ‘Rock Enrol’ programme, launched last autumn, saw us work with twenty schools and colleges to connect the world of politics with everyday life and get across the importance of being registered to vote. The pilot registered over 4000 young people; most of whom didn’t even know that the electoral register existed and the impact it has on their lives.

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  • Word

    Definition of charity and public benefit P1 Response from Democracy Matters

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  • From Our Practical Politics Blog

    Lessons from the financial crisis: Understanding Money (1)

    Perhaps the biggest task in practical political education is to understand how the financial system works and help bring it under democratic control. Two opportunities to make the case for democratic reform of banking are the Independent Commission on Banking and the UK budget on …

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