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Make Your Voice Heard

You can influence decisions when you know how. This section provides tools to make your voice heard and influence decisions:

Your elected representatives are there to speak up for you. Talk with them about what matters to you and find out what they’re up to.

To take action on a specific issue,
find out who else is campaigning about it.

You can learn how to campaign better from resources listed here.

“There are political skills which you can learn and actually it’s not that difficult, but you really need to take some time over it.

We need to understand how the system works. Very often people are campaigning very ineffectively. A lot of the images for campaigning is like “demonstration…” and normally when you go to the stage of a demonstration you almost always lost….. because the campaign has been won within the system.

The most effective campaigners you never hear about them; they are on the actual committees making the decisions, before they come out to the public.”

Titus Alexander
Talking at the People Power conference – York, October 2012


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