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Vote Match to Unlock Democracy

Vote Match helps you find the party that best matches your views. Take the quiz to see which party best matches your views in the 2015 UK election.

Vote Match is run by Unlock Democracy, a non-profit, non-partisan campaign for democratic reform and a founder member of Democracy Matters.

Unlock Magna Carta is a series of events with expert speakers, exhibitions and discussions about the Magna Carta and what people want to protect their rights and freedoms in future.

Local Unlock Democracy groups campaign on democratic reform up and down the country. Unlock Democracy University Coordinator recruit and engage student supporters.

Open Up Lobbying campaigns for a comprehensive statutory lobbying register to show is being paid to influence decision-makers in government about what.

Local Works is a coalition of over 100 national organisations to promote the use of the Sustainable Communities Act by local people to improve their area.




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